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About Us

In the 1970's Mr. Leach worked with senior British cycling teams on international tours and with the British junior cycling team at world championships in Poland, Switzerland and America. He also worked with the American national cycling team on tour of Britain. He also spent a season working with Warrington Rugby League club before moving south.

Mr. Leach established his clinic on Aylesbury St. Fenny Stratford in 1977 and is proud to have built it on word of mouth recommendation and reputation.

From the outset it was policy of Mr. Leach to provide osteopathic treatment at the most reasonable cost possible to all patients. 

The clinic makes no extra charge for initial consultation (case history, osteopathic examination, neurological and orthopaedic tests where necessary).  First consultation and treatment is £30.

Treatment is also provided to all areas of the body, not just the back and neck. The clinic provides treatment to feet, ankles, knees, hips, back, neck and head. Also to muscular problems as well as joint problems. Mr. Leach has studied cranial osteopathy for twelve years and is currently studying visceral osteopathy.

Osteopath care
Are you looking for osteopathic care? Call Mr. Leach today to book an appointment: 
01908 647 351
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